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About Us

International Consulting of America, Inc. (ICA) specializes in procuring government, military, nonprofit, private and corporate sector products both domestically and internationally. ICA is a government registered SAM Certified organization providing immediate sourcing to support the fulfillment of personal protective equipment, medical devices, and testing in response to the urgent COVID-19 needs.

Our Partners

We have arranged specialized partnerships to further our beneficial impact on society:

FedEx Corp

Trusted shipping through FedEx Corporation.

Globex Energy Group

Globex has evolved to be a bespoke trader of selective oil products and other commodities that services a select group of customers built on trust and performance. We have no plans to be the biggest trader. We much prefer to preserve our long-term customer relationships rather than pursue growth and expansion.

Octaneum is a technology solutions company specializing in Industrial IOT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Blockchain integration. With these technologies, our clients are able to drastically improve organizational performance and results while staying ahead of the innovation curve.

Our Products

ICA is sourcing PPE directly with FEMA in response to the urgent medical needs, as well as supporting hundreds of hospitals nationwide.

Our PPE is FDA and CE certified.

During this unprecedented time, as rules and regulations are rapidly changing, we stand behind our brand Nano Tech PPE. A quality assurance that represents all our goods have been thoroughly inspected, and guaranteed FDA and CE certified.

We are the new standard of certified quality. We are Nano Tech PPE.

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FDA Approved

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*Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, lead times are greater than usual. And given the current demand for goods we are unable to fulfill low volume orders.